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The Benefits of T'ai Chi When Working From Home

COVID-19 has created a new normal for the traditional office workplace. HRD has reported that more than 60% of the adult population were working from home in the UK during the COVID-19 lockdown, with recent surveys stating that 60% of the workforce would rather work from home if they were given the choice. 

The problem that this creates is a lack of social interaction, physical movement, mindfulness and high levels of stress. In this post-COVID-19 world, there is a greater emphasis on the health and well-being of employees; and this is were T'ai Chi comes in.

The Belfast Chen Style T'ai Chi School have several students who are sponsored by their employer, because of the health and productivity benefits for a business. 

Meditation by the Sea

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

T'ai Chi supports the strengthening of the mind and body, through a deep spiritual awareness.  Slow breathing techniques, coupled with slow movements help to instigate a relaxation phase of the body through the nervous system. The spiralling and coiling nature of T'ai Chi relieves stiffness and encourages relaxation because energy is freed up and allowed to circulate throughout the body without any blockages.

When students first join a class with Belfast Chen Style T'ai Chi School they can experience a reduction in their stress levels, because of the organised programme created by Julie-Anne. You will enjoy mindful meditation (Zhan Zhuang), an extensive warm up and stretching exercises, Qigong (Chi Kung) breathing techniques, silk reeling energy exercises, short/longhand forms and additional conditioning programmes to suit students of all levels. 

The classes will provide the opportunity of developing the basic skills and techniques that lead towards an integration of the mind-body-spirit trilogy. 

Sunset Views

Strengthens the immune system

Scientific research has been carried out that confirms T'ai Chi helps to strengthen the immune system. The slow and fast movements of T'ai Chi help to support the lymphatic system, which builds the bodies defence system to fight back against colds and flu. If you are prone to regular sickness, T'ai Chi could significantly support your health.

Brain Sketch

A creative brain

Research carried out by Harvard University talks about T’ai Chi quieting the mind and slowing down the busyness of many people’s lives to encourage creativity & innovation. Some people can often experience writer's block when writing a report, article, or essay for work, or struggle to find new ideas to introduce into a business. However, Belfast Chen Style T’ai Chi School promotes a unique opportunity to enhance energy flow and creativity by allowing thoughts to flow freely and supporting unique solutions.

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