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What is T'ai Chi?

Today there is increasing interest in our western community in promoting good health and relieving stress. Tai Chi is a system of holistic training, with a series of martial arts moves and techniques consisting of carefully coordinated natural movements. The slow movements of Tai Chi are graceful, powerful, relaxed, balanced and meditative. They help improve balance, flexibility and strength while calming the spirit and reducing stress.

Tai Chi Training
Tai Chi Practice Seen from above

The essence of Tai Chi is relaxation through gentle bending, twisting, contracting and extending movements combined with diaphragmatic breathing to pump oxygen more efficiently around the body, leaving the practitioner feeling light, vibrant and free from fatigue. The body becomes stronger and more immune to the disease.

Tai Chi is different from other forms of movement and exercise because it is a way to work directly with one’s chi (qi) or life force. There are many different styles of Tai Chi, but most adhere to the same basic principles. Old Masters developed different styles due to different bodies, personalities and emphasis.

Practicing Tai Chi on the Beach
Tai Chi Practice

T'ai Chi is an excellent fitness activity for young adults to seniors, male and female, elite athletes and people with health conditions. Depending on the needs of the person, T'ai Chi can be used for rehabilitation of injuries, degenerative conditions, and as a preventative measure against disease.

Tai Chi is designed to affect a person on any level you allow it to. It physically strengthens the body while encouraging flexibility and ease of movement. It is designed to increase the internal energy of Chi flowing through the body, thereby increasing vitality. It will relax and focus the mind, promoting creativity, sensitivity and optimism. It gives emotional balance and can guide you spiritually. But the best thing about Tai Chi is that anyone can do it! The classes will give you the tools to learn and practice.

Practicing Tai Chi on a Rooftop
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