Belfast City Chen Style Tai Chi School

Classes Start Back on Week Commencing Monday 21st June 2021*

Discover an ancient art based upon a unique system of personal development, Chinese medicine & martial art fitness



The development and achievement of Belfast Chen Style T'ai Chi School has been astronomical. The School was founded by Julie-Anne Johnston, who has over 20 years of experience teaching Chen Style T'ai Chi.

The school supports a large audience for those who want to make a difference in their family, work, business & community. The wide array of students who belong to the school have been subject to Julie-Anne's constant encouragement and personal development in their careers - in particularly artists, writers, musicians, sports professionals, medical professionals, teachers & entrepreneurs. 

Suitable for anyone looking to recover from lockdown, key workers burn out, long term symptoms of fatigue, anxiety and stress due to COVID-19 Pandemic.


Member of the World Chen Tai Chi Association & Federation of Holistic Therapist (F.H.T)

Julie-Anne is accreditated by the World Chen Taijiquan Association

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